An Update on Post-Production

Dear Friends,

Wow! It's been a while since we last released an update.

The reason for this is that we've been very, very busy – working hard on getting the film ready for release. During the production of WAIT TILL IT'S FREE we captured many hours of excellent content from each of our featured interviews. Now the challenge has been to trim it all down to just under 100 minutes. This is extremely difficult as so much good stuff gets left on the cutting room floor – but we are getting close to our goal. Our time right now is spent refining both the logic of the argument presented in the film along with improving the appearance of the overall final presentation.

We are very happy with how the film is shaping up – we've completed the rough cut of the film, which is being reviewed, re-worked, and polished by our team. We are hiring the rest of our post-production crew, including musicians, composers, graphic artists, animators, and even a writer to help us create the companion book to the film.

While the original goal was to release WAIT TILL IT'S FREE in Spring of 2014, this date has been pushed back to Summer 2014. There are several reasons for this postponement:

1) The Gunn Family is going to be welcoming their newest member soon, and we are including our home birth story in the movie. The baby's due-date is this June. This is baby #9 for the Gunns, and we always seem to be having a baby while wrapping up post production.

2) To maximize our efforts we need to raise interest in the film before release, so we are working with several groups to plan a significant press launch and national tour.

There is still plenty of work to be done, but we are making lots of headway. Thank you all for your support and your patience as we continue through post-production.

Finally, we'd like to recommend to you the newly released documentary by friend and filmmaker J.D. King – BLUE. This is a landmark film on the Green movement and radical environmentalism and is well worth your time.

Check it out at:

Thank you all!

Colin Gunn