CGS: Wesley Strackbein, Anchored Documentary

I recently had the opportunity to talk with my good friend Wesley Strackbein. We've worked together in the past and I was keen to get an update on his new movie called Anchored: A Grandfather’s Legacy recently released by his organization Unbroken Faith Ministries. 

"Do you know your grandparents’ story? Shanna Strackbein didn’t always know hers, but that all changed when her Papaw, Dewey Holden, pulled out an old box of slides that gave a window into his past she’d only glimpsed before. Spurred on by this discovery, she asked her grandfather to tell more as she leafed through dusty albums in an earnest search to learn the rest of the story. Anchored follows her quest, tracing God’s faithfulness in one family’s life over five generations."

Get the Movie! Anchored: A Grandfather’s Legacy (DVD)