Daniel Fazzina


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Our host, Colin Gunn of Gunn Productions, interviews Daniel Fazzina of the “Divine Intervention Radio Show.” Today Colin prompts us to think about the most important aspect of healthcare: spirituality. Colin and Daniel relate that man is not just a machine to be repaired by doctors but a spiritual being in need of a compassionate God.

“Divine Intervention" is a weekly radio interview show that features intriguing people who have experienced the hand of God in amazing ways! Daniel’s personal testimonies of God’s divine healing inspired him to encourage the world through his radio show and his well loved book series. Be inspired to expect your own God given miracle by tuning in to the show on its flagship station, WLIX in New York, every single Sunday at 7:00 p.m. and again every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. Daniel’s show airs on radio stations across the nation! You can also listen in to the show on the internet at www.divineinterventionradio.com