Featuring Nick Karavidas and Rick Boyer

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Colin Gunn has gone coast-to-coast as he makes a trip out to California. His first stop takes him to the heart of wine country where he teaches a workshop for The Academy of Media Reconstruction with Nick Karavidas of Studio 119:1. In the beautiful surroundings of Oak Ridge Winery, they discuss God's good gifts of wine and media.

Next, Colin is off to the Tri-Counties Homeschool Convention in Santa Rosa, CA. There Colin introduces us to author and homeschool pioneer Rick Boyer, well known for his audio series for children featuring "Uncle Rick". Colin interviewed him back in Virginia about his work to encourage homeschooling parents and families. Hear it all on this episode of The Colin Gunn Show.


Tri-Counties Homschool Convention

Studio 119:1

Oak Ridge Winery

Character Concepts