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Parallel Events 16 Years Apart Shows Public Schools Can't Be Fixed.


Compare these 2 videos shot 16 years apart.  They will show you:

  1. Christian have made no headway in improving the morality of the public schools. 
  2. Public schools are far more perverse in 2016 than in 2000. Few in 2000 would have anticipated the transgender bathroom edict along with the universal acceptance of LGBT perspectives within the government schools. The first video is from Kanawha County, West Virginia. The 'Textbook War' started there in the mid 1970's, so this story is really 40 years old in the making. 
  3. Public schools will censor and punish those that expose the truth, sometimes with violence. (Schools funded by unwilling taxpayers are essentially violent institutions. They steal from YOU to corrupt YOUR children and culture. Get in the way of their theft and corruption and things will get ugly.)

This scene from IndoctriNation shows a a school board member trying to prevent a parent from repeating verbatim the inappropriate content his child was reading in a class.


Now here's a recent parallel event in Florida:

In this situation a government school teacher had exposed himself to his class of students.  A concerned citizen activist, Dean Paterakis brought up the incident at a school board meeting. Watch this shocking video below:



Here's what happened:

"A school security officer then approached Paterakis at the speaking podium and pushed down the microphone with one hand while grabbing Paterakis' shoulder with the other hand.

The security officer then began to push Paterakis away from the podium and grabbed Paterakis' arm with both hands. Paterakis pulled his arm away from the security officer's grip and shouted, "I have a right. I have a right to free speech."

Watch the arrest video here:


Paterakis was charged with disturbing a school function and resisting arrest. He was booked into the Brevard County Jail and released on $750 bond.

He said “Pedophiles are in our schools and only a few citizens are doing anything about it.... I was hoping to inform the majority of citizens that do not know. But unfortunately the BCSO and BPS are proving to be the protectors of these pedophiles when they create trumped up charges to silence me from exposing what sick things are going on in our schools!”

The Teacher who exposed himself only got 10 days probation. 

#neverpublicschool #IndoctriNationMovie

Buy and share the Indoctrination film and do everything you can to help us tear down the evil public school system.