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UK Issues Travel Advisory About US Bathroom Laws

Some faceless, pointless bureaucrat at the UK Foreign Office is trying to get some attention. Instead of warning people about terrorist threats and storms they're warning people about the Scary old USofA and our anti-transgender laws.

The UK Government is warning gay people about travelling to parts of the US after two states introduced anti-gay laws.

The Foreign Office issued the new advice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the wake of new legislation in North Carolina and Mississippi.

Previously, the Foreign Office had only issued general advice for LGBT people to "take care abroad", but lacked specific information about the US.
It follows the introduction last month of new legislation passed in North Carlina that allows businesses to “turn away” LGBT people on religious grounds.

The state's bathroom law, which has been described as "anti-trans", says people must use the public toilet designated for the biological sex they were born with, rather than the gender they identify with. Virginia and Tenneesee have recently overturned a similar law.

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