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Atheist Wrong about Atheism - It's Statist, Christianity Isn't.

This video is fantastic. The Lord is clearly at work here in this man's mind, pray for him. He's observing things that I've been talking about in relation to Christianity and Liberty.  Here's some amazing quotes:

"If you take away God, into the power vacuum comes the STATE - the largest and darkest God."
"Atheism tends towards state power and sterility." ( He's talking about Birth Control ;) - Col)

The last statement in the video astounding:

"The cross is to my right, the state is to my left, I wobble."

Watch this video and maybe you'll understand why I'm so 'mean' about Statism within the church (public school use, support of the war on drugs, support of police state ewt). It's because I'm attacking the implicit atheism within the church. That dangerous leaven needs to be completely removed!

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