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Healthcare: NHS Junior doctors' strike, first full walkout in the history of the NHS!

So Brits, let's talk about that free healthcare you don't have access to. Remember, don't plan on getting sick or injured April 26th, 27th.

"Unlike past strikes which affected only planned procedures, the below-consultant level doctors in England will now also refuse to provide emergency care, between 8am and 5pm on April 26 and again on April 27.

The Government said  the "desperate and irresponsible" move would "inevitably put patients in harm's way" and there were forecasts the dramatic escalation will alienate public support.

The junior doctors will also down tools at 8am on April 6 for 48 hours but in this case will continue to provide emergency care, although thousands of scheduled surgeries and appointments are still expected to be cancelled in anticipation of staff shortages."

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