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NHS on course for 'financial ruin' as it struggles to plug £22bn funding 'black hole'


Once again, the NHS proves Max Gammon right when he says,  "Such systems will act rather like `black holes,' in the economic universe, simultaneously sucking in resources, and shrinking in terms of `emitted production."


Mirror.co.uk Senior doctors have called on George Osborne to use Wednesday's budget to stop theNHS heading towards 'financial ruin' as a damning report revealed it was s struggling to close a £22billion "black hole".

A significant number of acute hospital trusts are in "serious and persistent financial distress", there is a "spiralling" trend of increased deficits and the current payment system is "not fit for purpose", the influential Public Accounts Committee said in a damning report.

The report found that NHS trusts were also trying to meet unrealistic savings targets while relying too heavily on agency staff, sometimes at "rip off" costs.

The NHS is expected to find £22 billion in efficiency savings by 2020-21, but the MPs were not convinced that would be possible.

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