The Widow's Might  (DVD)



John Moore and Cameron Cavillo are buddies and aspiring filmmakers with the dream of winning the prestigious American Viewfinder Film Festival.

When an acquaintance of Cameron’s, an elderly widow, faces losing her home to the outrageous property taxes in her area, the Moore family takes action, along with their friends, the Morton family. Through political smears, on-set mishaps, and a wild western ride, these families band together in a classic black-hat/white-hat tale of heroism.

"A classic black hat / white hat tale of heroism! The Talent in this movie will amaze you!"

The Dove Foundation

“Beautifully shot, packed with a challenging message, innovative, and inspiring!”

Stephen Kendrick, Producer of Fireproof and Facing the Giants

$12.00 USD $18.00 (+$4.00 Shipping)

Format - DVD (NTSC)

Length - Feature length

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