CGS: Wesley Strackbein, Anchored Documentary

I recently had the opportunity to talk with my good friend Wesley Strackbein. We've worked together in the past and I was keen to get an update on his new movie called Anchored: A Grandfather’s Legacy recently released by his organization Unbroken Faith Ministries. 

"Do you know your grandparents’ story? Shanna Strackbein didn’t always know hers, but that all changed when her Papaw, Dewey Holden, pulled out an old box of slides that gave a window into his past she’d only glimpsed before. Spurred on by this discovery, she asked her grandfather to tell more as she leafed through dusty albums in an earnest search to learn the rest of the story. Anchored follows her quest, tracing God’s faithfulness in one family’s life over five generations."

Get the Movie! Anchored: A Grandfather’s Legacy (DVD)

CGS: Bill Heid - The Dragon and the Raven Audio Drama


Win a Copy of The Dragon And the Raven!

Bill Heid has graciously given us 4 copies of the Dragon and the Raven - worth $29.97 each) to give away to you! Sign-up below (before the end of Thursday the 24th of December) for a chance to win a copy, and we'll randomly select the names of the winners next Friday. If you are interested in picking up this and Bill's other award winning audio dramas go here:

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CGS: Scott Alan Buss -

Colin, returns from California after a successful weekend in Modesto. He talks about his upcoming event with Christian For Liberty in Austin.  The interview today is with his friend Scott Alan Buss from  The two talk about reforming video games, the Public School System and more, on the Colin Gunn Show!


CGS: Mike Winther - The Institute for Principle Studies

This week Colin talks with Mike Winther about his upcoming trip to California to speak at the 2015 Civics Summit for the Institute for Principle Studies. Mike Winther is the President of that organization and tells us about his purpose in establishing a research and educational organization that provides a Christian alternative to the many well-established secular think-tanks. 


The Institute for Principle Studies

CGS: Pastor Charles McIlhenny

In this episode of 'The Colin Gunn Show,' Colin Interviews Pastor Charles McIlhenny, former pastor of First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of San Francisco. Please join the two, as they discuss the immorality of same-sex marriages, and its effect on the Church, and how we, as Christians should respond. Hear Pastor McIlhenny talk about persecutions in the Church by homosexuals, in the so called "Tolerant" city of San Francisco.

CGS: Bill Heid - With Lee In Virginia

This week on 'The Colin Gunn Show,' Colin interviews Bill Heid a businessman, entrepreneur, and historian who founded Heirloom Audio with a desire to give children positive, Christ-centered entertainment, that engages the mind, educates and inspires.  Please join Colin and Bill, as the two discuss Bill's latest drama 'With Lee In Virginia,' and the history of the South, in this latest episode of...The Colin Gunn Show!

CGS: Pastor Andy Elam & Pastor Rob Van Kooten on 'Republication.'

On this weeks show Colin updates you on what's going on at Gunn productions, including a hint at the next project and a description of a new partnership opportunity. Colin then talks to Pastor Andy Elam & Pastor Rob Van Kooten on the doctrine of 'Republication' that's being debated within the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. 


Video on Republication.

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