The Monstrous Regiment Audio Documentary Series (MP3s on CD)


In this audio series we speak with 12 women from diverse backgrounds, including authors, historians, mothers, political activists, homemakers, and public speakers.  This series gives greater depth to the themes touched upon in the documentary film The Monstrous Regiment of Women.  These audio documentaries have been masterfully produced by Mike Thorn of Radiant Blue Media and narrated by Colin Gunn.


1) Alisha Blaine – Former Military Cadet. (43 mins)

2) Carmon Friedrich - Writer, Buried Treasure Books. (50 mins)

3) Carol Everett – The Heidi Group. (42 mins)

4) Dana Feliciano – Homemaker. (48 mins)

5) Denise Sproul - Homemaker. (42 mins)

6) F. Carolyn Graglia – Author, Domestic Tranquility. (56 mins)

7) Jennie Chancey – Ladies against Feminism.  (54 mins)

8) Kathleen Smith - Homemaker. (46 mins)

9) Phyllis Schlafly – Eagle Forum. (44 mins)

10) Rosalind Marshall - Knox Biographer. (42 mins)

11) Sharon Adams – Historian, Edinburgh University. (65 mins)

12) Stacey McDonald – Author, Raising Maidens of Virtue. (45 mins)


This disc contains 12 MP3 audio files on 1 Compact Disc.

It requires a computer or an MP3 compatible CD player.


Some mature content.  Some very minor opinions expressed in these documentaries are not shared by the Gunn Brothers but are included for completeness and fairness to participants.  


Written and edited by Mike Thorn of Radiant Blue Media. Music by Susanna Campbell (harp), Todd Gibson (guitar) and Mark Magnuson (  Copyright of Gunn Productions LLC

Format - DVD (NTSC)

Length - Feature length)